Writing Quiz

These sentences can be corrected by replacing one wrong word. Decide what the correction should be then click on the answer button and you will be able to see the correct answer.

  1. In this summer, I went to Hokkaido with my family.

  2. We study hard in high school in order to entrance a good college.

  3. I think Japanese students should think over the risk their taking.

  4. The Europeans and Asians are completely different each other.

  5. I have a problem to memorizing names of people.

  6. I spent most of my time in the train with reading my favorite magazine.

  7. I think I am really lucky that I could met you.

  8. Almost all students in the university do not seem to study hard.

  9. I found that the number of universities which accept foreign students have been increasing.

Copyright (C) 1996 by Cecilia B-Ikeguchi (ww4s-ikgc@asahi-net.or.jp)
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