Writing Quiz

These sentences can be corrected by replacing one wrong word. Decide what the correction should be then click on the answer button and you will be able to see the correct answer.

  1. This summer, I had only a few days of staying at home.

  2. I had never dived into the sea for watching several kinds of sea animals.

  3. I would wake up, no one to talk and have breakfast.

  4. It was a good vacation, in its way.

  5. All one thing I did in the summer is a part time job.

  6. We got a gold prize and a right to entry for the next competition.

  7. I was made a deep impression.

  8. It was hot in the room so I sweated a lot.

  9. In my summer vacation, this is the best of my memory.

  10. I think I should follow examples of her.

  11. I think he is a lively person. Because he likes listen all kinds of music.

  12. He is fun of Giants.

  13. If she had a million yen, she goes shopping in Tokyo.

  14. We went many time karaoke.

  15. Tallness is important in basketball.

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