Idioms Beginning with A

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  1. "A bit" means ___.
    a. some thing to eat
    b. to help someone
    c. a small amount

  2. "About time" means ___.
    a. at the right time
    b. soon
    c. at last

  3. "Across the board" means ___.
    a. everyone or everything is included
    b. to travel between countries
    c. uninteresting

  4. To "act up" means ___.
    a. to share an idea
    b. to behave badly
    c. to pretend to be rich

  5. A man "after my own heart" means ___.
    a. liking the same things as me
    b. looks like me
    c. follows me

  6. "Against the clock" means ___.
    a. a new record
    b. a test of speed or time
    c. an impossible task

  7. "All along" means ___.
    a. all the time
    b. to agree
    c. altogether

  8. "All hours" means ___.
    a. at regular times
    b. at irregular times
    c. every hour

  9. "Along in years" means ___.
    a. getting old
    b. getting tired
    c. becoming successful

  10. "And then some" means ___.
    a. not many
    b. and only a few
    c. and a lot more

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