Idioms Beginning with B

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  1. A "babe in the woods" means ___.
    a. somone who cuts trees
    b. someone who is young
    c. someone who is innocent

  2. To "back down" means ___.
    a. to give up a claim
    b. to sit down
    c. to fight for something

  3. To "back out" means ___.
    a. to support someone
    b. to be trapped
    c. to get out of an agreement

  4. A "bad trip" means ___.
    a. to lose money
    b. an unpleasant drug experience
    c. to be unsuccesful

  5. "He didn't bat an eye" means the same as ___.
    a. he didn't see
    b. he wasn't happy
    c. he didn't show surprise

  6. To "bear in mind" means ___.
    a. to forget something
    b. to be crazy
    c. to remember something

  7. To "beat around the bush" means ___.
    a. to not know
    b. to avoid a question
    c. to go on a hike

  8. To "beef up" means ___.
    a. to go crazy
    b. to have fun
    c. to make something stronger

  9. "Behind the scenes" means ___.
    a. in a different place
    b. privately
    c. in a difficult position

  10. "Below the belt" means ___.
    a. good
    b. secretly
    c. unfairly

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