Idioms Beginning with C

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  1. To "call it a day" means ___.
    a. to quit
    b. it becomes evening
    c. to say good morning

  2. To "call the tune" means ___.
    a. to sing a song
    b. to give orders
    c. to give advice

  3. To "carry off" means ___.
    a. to move
    b. to kill
    c. to drop

  4. To put the "cart before the horse" means ___.
    a. to plan ahead
    b. that you can't do something
    c. to do things in the wrong order

  5. To "catch on" means ___.
    a. to understand
    b. to be punished
    c. to grab something

  6. To "be caught short" means ___.
    a. to be in an embarrassing situation
    b. to take a short sleep
    c. not to have enough of something when needed

  7. "Cheap skate" means ___.
    a. a winter sports activity
    b. someone who doesn't spend much money
    c. something that isn't expensive

  8. To "check up" means ___.
    a. to search
    b. to investigate
    c. to make a mark to show something has been counted

  9. To "cheer up" means ___.
    a. to become happy
    b. to become sad
    c. to become lost

  10. "Chicken feed" means ___.
    a. a lot of food
    b. a small amount of money
    c. A group of people gathering together

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