Idiomatic Preposition - Come

Read the questions and choose the best answers. Then click on the answer button to see the hidden answer.

  1. To start with, let me tell you that I come ___ Niigata.

  2. She has been busy all week, and now she is coming ___ with a cold.

  3. When the police asked him questions, everything started coming ___.

  4. The guests started to come ___ before the concert began.

  5. The new magazine is scheduled to come ___ next week.

  6. After the typhoon, mild winds came ___ in the afternoon.

  7. You can come ___ to my house anytime. I am always around.

  8. They put up a small business last year, but it did not come ___.

Copyright (C) 1997 by Cecilia B-Ikeguchi
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