Idioms Beginning with D

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  1. I "dare say" means ___.
    a. I don't know at all
    b. I definitely know
    c. I suppose

  2. To "dash off" means ___.
    a. to do, make, or draw something quickly
    b. to be deeply asleep
    c. to be precise

  3. "Dead tired" means ___.
    a. no longer living
    b. very tired
    c. someone doesn't have long to live

  4. To be in "deep water" means ___.
    a. to be lazy
    b. to be in serious trouble
    c. to not care about things

  5. If something "dies down", it means it ___.
    a. falls over
    b. dies quickly
    c. fades away

  6. To "die out" means ___.
    a. to fail
    b. to die quickly
    c. to disappear slowly

  7. A "dime a dozen" means ___.
    a. it is expensive
    b. something is unusual
    c. something is easy to get

  8. To "dish out" means ___.
    a. to serve
    b. to gossip
    c. to make

  9. To "do away with" something means ___.
    a. to treat something
    b. to stop something
    c. to hide something

  10. If someone is "down to earth", they are ___.
    a. strange
    b. practical
    c. shy

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