Idioms Beginning with E

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  1. "Easy does it" means ___.
    a. let's do it later
    b. let's do it carefully
    c. let's do it quickly

  2. To "eat your words" means ___.
    a. to apologise
    b. to shout loudly
    c. to be quiet

  3. To "eat out" means ___.
    a. to rot away
    b. to eat in a restaurant
    c. to eat everything

  4. To "edge out" means ___.
    a. to move in slowly
    b. with the narrow side outwards
    c. to force out

  5. To "eke out" means ___.
    a. to rush out
    b. to do with difficulty
    c. to make easily

  6. "En masse" means ___.
    a. one by one
    b. nobody
    c. as a group

  7. If you "keep an eye out" it means ___.
    a. watch carefully
    b. you are in charge
    c. you don't pay attention

  8. To "eat like a horse" means ___.
    a. to eat noisily
    b. to eat a little
    c. to eat a lot

  9. To "egg on" means ___.
    a. to eat enough
    b. to encourage
    c. to annoy

  10. To "ease up" means ___.
    a. to make less nervous
    b. to increase pressure
    c. to go faster

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