Idioms Beginning with F

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  1. To "face the music" means ___.
    a. accept your punishment
    b. listen carefully
    c. ask a lot of questions

  2. When it's "fair and square" it's ___.
    a. unusual
    b. confused
    c. honest

  3. To "fall behind" means to ___.
    a. not keep up
    b. hurt yourself
    c. get angry

  4. If something "falls through" it ___.
    a. happens perfectly
    b. explodes
    c. fails to happen

  5. "Far and wide" means ___.
    a. in a limited area
    b. everywhere
    c. at one time

  6. "Fat chance" means ___.
    a. very lucky
    b. no possibility
    c. unlucky

  7. "If it's a "feather in your cap" it means it's ___.
    a. a problem
    b. cowardly
    c. an honour

  8. If you are "fed up" you have ___.
    a. had enough
    b. eaten enough
    c. drunk too much

  9. If you "feel like" something you ___.
    a. want to touch something
    b. don't like something
    c. want to do something

  10. To "feel out" means to ___.
    a. test and idea
    b. tell a secret
    c. hide something

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