Idioms Beginning with G

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  1. To "gather in" means to ___.
    a. collect
    b. give out
    c. organize

  2. The "gift of the gab" means you are ___.
    a. experienced
    b. very intelligent
    c. skilled in talking

  3. To "gloss over" means to ___.
    a. encourage
    b. praise
    c. try to hide

  4. "To go like clockwork" means to ___.
    a. run smoothly
    b. go crazy
    c. cost a lot of money

  5. A "golf widow" is a woman who is ___.
    a. left at home when her husband plays golf
    b. in charge of the house
    c. not married

  6. To "grin and bear it" means to ___.
    a. put up with something
    b. be angry
    c. misunderstand

  7. "To gun for" means to ___.
    a. try to help
    b. try to stop
    c. try to hurt

  8. If someone is "gung ho", they are ___.
    a. stupid
    b. childish
    c. enthusiastic

  9. "Great guns" means ___.
    a. slow and precise
    b. big and heavy
    c. fast and hard

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