Idioms Beginning with H

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  1. If something is "half baked", it's ___.
    a. very useful
    b. incomplete
    c. unusual

  2. To "hail from" means to ___.
    a. send from
    b. come from
    c. send to

  3. To "hand it to" means to ___.
    a. give credit to
    b. take from
    c. allow

  4. To "hang your head" means to ___.
    a. feel shameful
    b. be brave
    c. be over-confident

  5. "No hard feelings" means the same as ___.
    a. don't worry
    b. thank you
    c. please

  6. If your "heart goes out to someone", you ___.
    a. try to help them
    b. feel sorry for them
    c. love them

  7. If you get a "head start", you ___.
    a. are the winner
    b. are lost
    c. begin before the others

  8. If something is "heavy-duty", it ___.
    a. weighs a lot
    b. is tough and powerful
    c. must be done

  9. To "hook up" with means to ___.
    a. lose
    b. fight
    c. connect

  10. If it's "hush-hush" it's ___.
    a. easy
    b. secret
    c. difficult

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