Idioms Beginning with I

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  1. If you are "in the family way", you are ___.
    a. shy
    b. popular
    c. pregnant

  2. If it's "in the wind", it's ___.
    a. imminent
    b. lost
    c. furnished

  3. If you are "in the dog house", you are ___.
    a. enthusiastic
    b. in trouble
    c. happy

  4. "In the pink" means to be ___.
    a. drunk
    b. healthy
    c. rich

  5. To "iron out" means to ___.
    a. complete small details
    b. make problems
    c. plan ahead

  6. "In toto" means ___.
    a. no where
    b. something
    c. everything

  7. The "ins and outs" are ___.
    a. the small details
    b. everyone
    c. complications

  8. If something is "in your hair", it's ___.
    a. interesting
    b. amusing
    c. annoying

  9. "In hand" means ___.
    a. unmanageable
    b. under control
    c. difficult

  10. "In the nick of time" means ___.
    a. too late
    b. on time
    c. in time

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