Idioms Beginning with J

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  1. To "jazz up" means to ___.
    a. go faster
    b. make something more exciting
    c. make a lot of noise

  2. To "join forces" means to ___.
    a. fight
    b. be strong
    c. unite

  3. "Joking apart" means you ___.
    a. are serious
    b. are trying to make people laugh
    c. are not united

  4. If you "jump at" something you ___.
    a. are scared
    b. don't understand
    c. accept it quickly

  5. If it is "just what the doctor ordered" it's ___.
    a. still a dream
    b. what you need
    c. totally wrong

  6. "Just about" means ___.
    a. soon
    b. nearly
    c. too much

  7. To "jump through hoops" means ___.
    a. be in charge
    b. obey any order
    c. be naughty

  8. To "jump down someone's throat" means to ___.
    a. run away
    b. make a joke
    c. scold them

  9. To "jump on the bandwagon" means to ___.
    a. continue
    b. rest
    c. join in

  10. A girl who is "jailbait" is ___.
    a. very loud
    b. interested in fishing
    c. still a minor

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