Idioms Beginning with K

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  1. To "kick around" means to ___.
    a. treat badly
    b. hide
    c. look for something

  2. To "kick the bucket" means to ___.
    a. get married
    b. have a baby
    c. die

  3. "Knock it off" means the same as ___.
    a. buy it
    b. yes, please
    c. stop it

  4. To "know the ropes" means to be ___.
    a. experienced
    b. confident
    c. ignorant

  5. If you are a "know-it-all", you are ___.
    a. over confident
    b. shy
    c. a little strange

  6. If a woman is a "knock-out" she's ___.
    a. intelligent
    b. powerful
    c. very attractive

  7. To "kick up a fuss" means to ___.
    a. be honest
    b. behave badly
    c. have a good time

  8. If someone says to you to "keep your shirt on", you should ___.
    a. take control
    b. leave
    c. calm down

  9. To "keep on" means to ___.
    a. stop
    b. continue
    c. start

  10. If you "keep something down", you ___.
    a. control it
    b. lose it
    c. hide it

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