Idioms Beginning with L

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  1. To "lash out" means to ___.
    a. shout at someone
    b. relax
    c. kick or punch someone

  2. To "laugh off" means to ___.
    a. make lots of jokes
    b. make lots of noise
    c. not take something seriously

  3. To "lean on" someone means to ___.
    a. entertain them
    b. pressure them
    c. annoy them

  4. "In less than no time" means ___.
    a. in a few days
    b. much later
    c. very soon

  5. To do it "like mad" means to do it ___.
    a. enthusiastically
    b. sloppily
    c. carefully

  6. If you have a "long face", you look ___.
    a. angry
    b. sad
    c. proud

  7. "Look alive" means ___.
    a. act busy
    b. be quiet
    c. listen carefully

  8. To "lose heart" means to ___.
    a. take offense
    b. make a mistake
    c. become unenthusiastic

  9. The "low down" is ___.
    a. the problem
    b. the total truth
    c. the solution

  10. To "lap it up" means ___.
    a. take it in eagerly
    b. act confidently
    c. give encouragment freely

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