Food Idioms

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  1. The "cream of the crop" means it is ___.
    a. the worst
    b. the best

  2. To "egg on" means to ___.
    a. encourage
    b. discourage

  3. If it's "just your cup of tea", it is ___.
    a. perfect
    b. all wrong

  4. If you are "cool as a cucumber", you are ___.
    a. panicked
    b. calm

  5. If you "have a finger in the pie", you are ___ in something.
    a. involved
    b. disinterested

  6. "Use your noodle" means ___.
    a. act
    b. think

  7. "In a nutshell" means ___.
    a. concisely
    b. it is finished

  8. "In the soup" means ___.
    a. in serious trouble
    b. having a good time

  9. "A hot potato" is a question which ___.
    a. answers itself
    b. is difficult to settle

  10. If you "eat humble pie" you ___.
    a. accept shame
    b. are defensive

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