Idioms Beginning with M

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  1. If it takes a "month of Sundays", it ___.
    a. happens quickly
    b. won't happen
    c. feels like a long time

  2. If someone "means business", they are ___.
    a. serious
    b. interested
    c. bored

  3. To "mark time" means to ___.
    a. be idle
    b. be busy
    c. rush around

  4. To "make up your mind" means to ___.
    a. decide
    b. be confused
    c. be efficient

  5. A "matter of course" means ___.
    a. as a rule
    b. maybe
    c. when you want to

  6. To "make off with" means to ___.
    a. leave behind
    b. kiss
    c. steal

  7. To "make believe" means to ___.
    a. forget
    b. hope
    c. pretend

  8. If you are "mixed up", you are ___.
    a. in a hurry
    b. confused
    c. lost

  9. If something "makes sense", it ___.
    a. isn't practical
    b. seems reasonable
    c. is impossible

  10. To "make a difference" is to ___.
    a. lose something
    b. matter
    c. be in charge

Copyright (C) 1997 by Letitia Bradley
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