Idioms Beginning with N

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  1. To "nail it down" means to ___.
    a. start it
    b. finalize it
    c. talk about it

  2. In this "neck of the woods" is ___.
    a. the way we do something
    b. around here
    c. the way things were

  3. "Never mind" means ___.
    a. don't worry about it
    b. pardon
    c. why

  4. "No doubt" means ___.
    a. maybe
    b. definately not
    c. certainty

  5. To "nose around" is to ___.
    a. be difficult
    b. explore
    c. lose

  6. "No sweat" means ___.
    a. it's easy to do, ok
    b. work harder
    c. I'm sorry

  7. If you are "no spring chicken" you ___.
    a. are inexperienced
    b. aren't energetic
    c. aren't young

  8. To "nip it in the bud" means to ___.
    a. prevent it at the start
    b. encourage something
    c. expect greatness from it

  9. To be "neck and neck" means to be ___.
    a. angry with each other
    b. like someone a lot
    c. exactly even

  10. If your "name is mud" you are ___.
    a. well liked
    b. well respected
    c. in trouble

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