Idioms Beginning with O

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  1. "Of age" means to be ___.
    a. capable
    b. not able
    c. old enough

  2. If you are "off the hook", you are ___.
    a. going to do something bad
    b. out of trouble
    c. crazy

  3. If something is "old hat", it ___.
    a. isn't new
    b. isn't popular
    c. well known

  4. "Of service" means to be ___.
    a. efficient
    b. useful
    c. desirable

  5. "Once in a blue moon" is ___.
    a. often
    b. sometimes
    c. rarely

  6. To be "on edge" is to be ___.
    a. ignorant
    b. nervous
    c. knowlegable

  7. "On time" means ___.
    a. late
    b. expected to be late
    c. not late

  8. "Out like a light" means to ___.
    a. run away
    b. work very hard
    c. go to sleep quickly

  9. "Out of order" means it ___.
    a. is untidy
    b. doesn't work
    c. is unavailable

  10. "Out of shape" means to be ___.
    a. unfit
    b. energetic
    c. or do something unusual

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