Idioms Beginning with P

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  1. To "pack off" means to ___.
    a. put away
    b. give away
    c. send away

  2. A "pain in the neck" means something is ___.
    a. unusual
    b. bothersome
    c. difficult to see

  3. To "pair off" means to ___.
    a. separate things
    b. make large groups
    c. put two things together

  4. If it is "par for the course", it is ___.
    a. typical
    b. very good
    c. terrible

  5. To "part with" means to ___.
    a. belong to
    b. a section of
    c. be separated from

  6. To "pass over" means to ___.
    a. overtake
    b. ignore
    c. give up

  7. "Pint-size" is ___.
    a. very big
    b. average
    c. small

  8. To "pop up" means to ___.
    a. volunteer
    b. appear suddenly
    c. raise your head

  9. "To pull off" means to ___.
    a. lose something
    b. succeed
    c. plan

  10. To "put down" means to ___.
    a. crush or stop
    b. encourage or excite
    c. fast or eratic movement

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