Idioms Beginning with R

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  1. To "raise eyebrows" is to ___.
    a. question something
    b. be afraid
    c. shock

  2. If something will happen "rain or shine", it'll happen ___.
    a. at some point, but we don't know when
    b. outside
    c. no matter what

  3. To "rattle off" is to ___.
    a. break something
    b. say things quickly
    c. be old

  4. "Razzle dazzle" is ___.
    a. a fancy display
    b. an unusual event
    c. something impossible

  5. The "rear end" is ___.
    a. the start of something
    b. a one way street
    c. the back part

  6. To "ride out" something is ___.
    a. finish successfully
    b. to survive safely
    c. give up

  7. If it's to the "right and left" it's ___.
    a. rare
    b. very quick
    c. all around

  8. If something "rings a bell", it ___.
    a. makes a lot of noise
    b. is frightening
    c. sounds familiar

  9. To "rip into" means to ___.
    a. enjoy
    b. attack
    c. savour

  10. To "run away with" means to ___.
    a. lend
    b. steal
    c. borrow

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