Idioms Beginning with S

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  1. If it's "safe and sound", it's ___.
    a. not allowed
    b. beautiful
    c. not harmed

  2. If someone says "same here", they are ___.
    a. agreeing
    b. arguing
    c. disagreeing

  3. To "say the word" means to ___.
    a. give a sign
    b. apologize
    c. give up

  4. To "screw up" is to ___.
    a. do it perfectly
    b. make a mess
    c. go higher and higher

  5. If you "see eye to eye" with someone, you ___ them.
    a. oppose
    b. encourage
    c. agree with

  6. To "set your sight" on something means to ___ something.
    a. aim for
    b. look for
    c. ask for

  7. To "shell out" for something is to ___.
    a. hide it
    b. spend money on it
    c. try to find it

  8. If you are "sick and tired", you are ___.
    a. exasperated
    b. jealous
    c. angry

  9. "Shut your trap" is an impolite way of saying "please ___
    a. leave".
    b. go away".
    c. be quiet".

  10. If you are "stuck up", you are ___.
    a. snobbish
    b. in trouble
    c. problimatical

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