Idioms Beginning with T

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  1. To "take charge" is to ___.
    a. follow
    b. lead
    c. misunderstand

  2. To "talk back" is to ___.
    a. ask a question
    b. shout
    c. answer rudely

  3. To "tell something apart" is to ___.
    a. put it aside for later use
    b. correct someone
    c. find the differences

  4. "The works" is ___.
    a. the boss
    b. everything
    c. movement

  5. To "think up" is to ___ something.
    a. aim for
    b. improve
    c. invent

  6. To "think twice" is to ___.
    a. create something
    b. tell a lie
    c. hesitate

  7. To go "through thick or thin" is to ___.
    a. lose a lot of weight
    b. get married
    c. have many kinds of experiences

  8. To "throw up" is to ___.
    a. get rid of something
    b. vomit
    c. give up

  9. To "tip off" someone is to ___ them.
    a. warn
    b. attack
    c. like

  10. To do something "to a T" is to do it ___.
    a. badly
    b. perfectly
    c. shortly

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