Idioms Beginning with U

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  1. "Uh-huh" means the same as ___.
    a. no
    b. yes
    c. maybe

  2. If it's "under your nose", it's ___.
    a. well hidden
    b. your fault
    c. within sight

  3. To have the "upper hand" is to have ___.
    a. the advantage
    b. permission
    c. the next go

  4. If you get "used to" something, you ___ it.
    a. get rid of
    b. take care of
    c. become accustomed to

  5. If it's "up in the air", it's ___.
    a. important
    b. undecided
    c. unwanted

  6. "Under your breath" means to ___.
    a. whisper
    b. tell a secret
    c. hesitate

  7. "Under the sun" means ___.
    a. it's impossible
    b. it's unusual
    c. on earth

  8. If you are "up front", you are ___.
    a. bold
    b. sincere
    c. brave

  9. "Under wraps" means ___.
    a. in secret
    b. with difficulty
    c. in a small space

  10. If you are "up tight", you are ___.
    a. rich
    b. worried
    c. an executive

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