Idioms Beginning with W

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  1. If you "walk off with", something you ___ it.
    a. steal
    b. forget
    c. borrow

  2. "Walking on air" means you are ___.
    a. happy
    b. depressed
    c. upset

  3. To "walk all over" someone is to ___ them.
    a. mislead
    b. aggravate
    c. impose on

  4. "Watch out" means ___.
    a. be careful
    b. relax
    c. hurry up

  5. "Water down" means to ___.
    a. make stronger
    b. have a beer
    c. weaken

  6. The "way the wind blows" is ___.
    a. how things were
    b. the way things are
    c. how things are going to be

  7. To "wear on" someone is to ___ them.
    a. agree with
    b. annoy
    c. ignore

  8. To say "word for word" means to ___.
    a. condense it
    b. change what was said
    c. say it exactly the same

  9. To "wet one's whistle" is to ___.
    a. be happy
    b. have a problem
    c. have a drink

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