Idioms Beginning with Y

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  1. If you are "yellow bellied", you are ___.
    a. brave
    b. conceited
    c. cowardly

  2. "You bet" means ___.
    a. no
    b. certainly
    c. if I can

  3. "You don't say" shows ___.
    a. disbelief
    b. annoyance
    c. surprise

  4. "You tell them" ___ someone.
    a. encourages
    b. disciplines
    c. corrects

  5. "Year in, year out" means ___.
    a. never
    b. constantly
    c. eventually

  6. "You can say that again" shows ___.
    a. condemnation
    b. acceptance
    c. agreement

  7. If you are a "yes man" you always ___.
    a. argue
    b. agree
    c. question

  8. If something is "yummy", it's ___.
    a. delicious
    b. horrible
    c. frightening

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