Adding Letters-A

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  1. A PLUS 1 LETTER: Latin abbreviation used for after Christ

  2. A PLUS 2 LETTERS: to join or put together

  3. A PLUS 3 LETTERS: a dull, continuous pain

  4. A PLUS 4 LETTERS: a pleasant smell

  5. A PLUS 5 LETTERS: fearful

  6. A PLUS 6 LETTERS: very, very old

  7. A PLUS 7 LETTERS: the letters used in writing a language

  8. A PLUS 8 LETTERS: the special car to take sick people to hospital

  9. A PLUS 9 LETTERS: machines that keep an airplanes on course

  10. A PLUS 10 LETTERS: a meeting set for a certain time and place

  11. A PLUS 10 LETTERS: not precise

  12. A PLUS 9 LETTERS: their jobs are to go into outer space

  13. A PLUS 8 LETTERS: someone who is addicted to alcohol

  14. A PLUS 7 LETTERS: a purple precious stone

  15. A PLUS 6 LETTERS: a written piece in a newspaper

  16. A PLUS 5 LETTERS: the 8th month of the year

  17. A PLUS 4 LETTERS: to let something happen

  18. A PLUS 3 LETTERS: my mother's sister

  19. A PLUS 2 LETTERS: it is between the hand and the shoulder

  20. A PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for air conditioner

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