Slang Words Beginning with A

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  1. Wow, that is a great car!
    a. awesome
    b. able
    c. action

  2. After staying awake late at night studying, I felt tired the next day.
    a. an angel
    b. an all-nighter
    c. an atmosphere

  3. This place is so boring, I want some excitement.
    a. action
    b. ape
    c. aggrevation

  4. He is such an ill-mannered person.
    a. ant
    b. action
    c. animal

  5. I don't want to stay in this dirty, smelly place.
    a. ark
    b. armpit
    c. apple

  6. I can't believe he put salt in the sugar basin. He's such a stupid person.
    a. an airhead
    b. an ace
    c. an artist

  7. Dave is the best player on the team...
    a. action
    b. apple
    c. ace

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