Brand Names

Click the answer button to see the answer. What brand name is commonly used for...

  1. ...a cola beverage?

  2. ...a fruit-flavoured gelatin dessert?

  3. ...an adhesive bandage for small cuts and scrapes?

  4. ...a spa or a whirlpool bath?

  5. A big metal outdoor container for dumping garbage?

  6. ...an absorbent material used in a cat's litter box?

  7. ...a tissue for blowing your nose on?

  8. ...piped-in music heard in many stores and elevators?

  9. ...clear plastic sticky tape on a roll.

  10. ...a photocopy or to photocopy?

  11. ...a greasy feeling, clear 'petroleum jelly" used for chapped lips and baby's bottoms?

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