Adding Letters-B

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  1. B PLUS 1 LETTER: the time before Christ

  2. B PLUS 2 LETTERS: a container to carry things

  3. B PLUS 3 LETTERS: a very young child

  4. B PLUS 4 LETTERS: the red liquid in the body

  5. B PLUS 5 LETTERS: a structure used to cross over something

  6. B PLUS 6 LETTERS: a male sibling

  7. B PLUS 7 LETTERS: a house, office block, hotel

  8. PLUS 8 LETTERS: game played with a net,racquets and a shuttlecock

  9. B PLUS 9 LETTERS: a writer of other people's lives

  10. B PLUS 10 LETTERS: the day or year, 200 years after a particular event

  11. B PLUS 10 LETTERS: complicated system of government

  12. B PLUS 9 LETTERS: another name for an accountant

  13. B PLUS 8 LETTERS: not ugly

  14. B PLUS 7 LETTERS: dividing line

  15. B PLUS 6 LETTERS: the flowers on a tree

  16. B PLUS 5 LETTERS: the property of

  17. B PLUS 4 LETTERS: to start

  18. B PLUS 3 LETTERS: a group of musicians playing together

  19. B PLUS 2 LETTERS: a male child

  20. B PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for unpleasant bodily smells

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