Slang Words Beginning with B

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  1. The director gave the little-known actor his first chance.
    a. broad
    b. bone
    c. break

  2. That motorcycle rider looks really tough in his leather outfit.
    a. boss
    b. biker
    c. babe

  3. I shouted at the boys to stop it, but they continued to fight.
    a. break it up
    b. bust it up
    c. blow it up

  4. Will you lend me a dollar?
    a. bonus
    b. bag
    c. buck

  5. I feel really depressed when I think of how many problems I have.
    a. bummed out
    b. blow out
    c. bent out

  6. Can you spare some money?
    a. bread
    b. bag
    c. buns

  7. Where's the alcohol kept around here?
    a. brains
    b. bacon
    c. booze

  8. It's only a small mistake so don't worry about it.
    a. boo-boo
    b. bacon
    c. blind

  9. We were really overwhelmed by your kindness.
    a. blown up
    b. blown away
    c. blown down
Copyright (C) 1997 by Letitia Bradley
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