Baseball Terms

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  1. What do we call the person who throws the ball?

  2. What shape is the infield area?

  3. What is the person who is trying to hit the ball called?

  4. What is the place where he stands called?

  5. What is the person who sits behind the home plate and tries to catch the pitched balls called?

  6. What is it called, if the batter hits the ball and runs around the bases and to homeplate.

  7. What is it called if the batter misses the thrown ball?

  8. What is it called, if the pitcher's throw is too low, too high or too wide?

  9. Who decides if it is 'a strike' or 'a ball'?

  10. What is it called when the pitcher throws four balls and the batter goes to first base?

  11. What is one 'round' of play called?

  12. What happens if the batter has three 'strikes'?

  13. What happens if the player is tagged before he reaches the base?

  14. How many innings are there in a game?

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