Adding Letters-C

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  1. C PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for company

  2. C PLUS 2 LETTERS: to trick someone

  3. C PLUS 3 LETTERS: someone who cooks for a living

  4. C PLUS 4 LETTERS: the leader of a tribe

  5. C PLUS 5 LETTERS: to go from one thing to another

  6. C PLUS 6 LETTERS: to be in charge

  7. C PLUS 7 LETTERS: an insect often called a "roach"

  8. C PLUS 8 LETTERS: a sweet made from cocoa beans

  9. C PLUS 9 LETTERS: colouring of the skin especially of the face

  10. C PLUS 10 LETTERS: an occasion for sharing joy

  11. C PLUS 10 LETTERS: a contest

  12. C PLUS 9 LETTERS: brave and fearless

  13. C PLUS 8 LETTERS: traditional, not new

  14. C PLUS 7 LETTERS: a list of days, weeks, months for the year

  15. C PLUS 6 LETTERS: the weather conditions of an area

  16. C PLUS 5 LETTERS: to sail about

  17. C PLUS 4 LETTERS: things linked together

  18. C PLUS 3 LETTERS: the action of the mouth when eating

  19. C PLUS 2 LETTERS: an animal which gives milk

  20. C PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for centimeter

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