Slang Words Beginning with C

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  1. You made a good decision there.
    a. crow
    b. call
    c. catch

  2. He's in the toilet at the moment.
    a. can
    b. cupboard
    c. cold

  3. I'm really busy, but next time I see you we'll talk.
    a. I'll catch you later.
    b. I'll be on your case.
    c. I'll cash it in.

  4. I wouldn't live in such a cheap place if I didn't have to.
    a. croak
    b. carrot
    c. cheesy

  5. Don't be such a coward and go do it.
    a. cow
    b. carrot
    c. chicken

  6. He's so relaxed. He never looks rushed.
    a. cold
    b. curry
    c. cool

  7. You should phone the police and tell them.
    a. corpses
    b. cops
    c. cowboys

  8. Watching T.V. all day is turning you into a lazy, good-for-nothing.
    a. carrot
    b. chair
    c. couch potato

  9. I'll have to study really hard to pass this test.
    a. cram
    b. corn
    c. crack

  10. The other team beat us even though their best player wasn't there.
    a. canned
    b. creamed
    c. cooked

  11. He's really upset because his fish died last night.
    a. cooled
    b. cracked
    c. croaked

  12. This is such a simple job. A kid could do it.
    a. cushy
    b. cozy
    c. comfy

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