Adding Letters-D

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  1. D PLUS 1 LETTER: the person who plays records at a night club

  2. D PLUS 2 LETTERS: to colour something

  3. D PLUS 3 LETTERS: dreadful or terrible

  4. D PLUS 4 LETTERS: distance from the top down

  5. D PLUS 4 LETTERS: distance from the top down

  6. D PLUS 5 LETTERS: to hate strongly

  7. D PLUS 6 LETTERS: a disorder or illness of a body or plant

  8. D PLUS 7 LETTERS: deep, strong love

  9. D PLUS 8 LETTERS: a substance that removes dirt

  10. D PLUS 9 LETTERS: training to produce self control

  11. D PLUS 10 LETTERS: a person's natural qualities and character

  12. D PLUS 10 LETTERS: falling to pieces or in disrepair

  13. D PLUS 9 LETTERS: to have an unfavourable opinion

  14. D PLUS 8 LETTERS: tasting good

  15. D PLUS 7 LETTERS: to pull or tear down

  16. D PLUS 6 LETTERS: going or coming down

  17. D PLUS 5 LETTERS: to think out or plan

  18. D PLUS 4 LETTERS: to go bad

  19. D PLUS 3 LETTERS: a platform for a lecture or table

  20. D PLUS 2 LETTERS: touch or put on lightly

  21. D PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for the title of doctor

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