Slang Words Beginning with D

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  1. The disco is really quiet tonight.
    a. dead
    b. deep
    c. down

  2. The boys abandoned the stolen motorbike in the park.
    a. downed
    b. ditched
    c. duped

  3. There sure is a lot of marijuana smoking these days.
    a. dome
    b. dog
    c. dope

  4. Can you give me some money for groceries?
    a. dip
    b. dice
    c. dough

  5. Wasn't that a really obscene movie?
    a. dirty
    b. dusty
    c. damp

  6. I felt so angry that I wanted to hit him so hard that he would fall over.
    a. dig him
    b. dust him
    c. deck him

  7. Could you tell me what the amount of the bill is?
    a. what's the dirt
    b. what's the doc
    c. what's the damage

  8. Things are a little unsure right now. I can't give you a firm answer.
    a. dopey
    b. deep
    c. dicey

  9. We were late so we ate the meal really quickly.
    a. dug the meal
    b. directed the meal
    c. downed the meal

  10. This morning was really boring. Let's do something interesting later.
    a. a ditch
    b. a drag
    c. a dope

  11. Who's the man with the big car?
    a. drop
    b. dude
    c. duck

  12. The new play was excellent.
    a. dynamite
    b. digging
    c. duplicate

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