Adding Letters-E

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  1. E PLUS 1 LETTER: often found in advertising meaning easy

  2. E PLUS 2 LETTERS: the finish

  3. E PLUS 3 LETTERS: the way out

  4. E PLUS 4 LETTERS: showing strong desire

  5. E PLUS 5 LETTERS: 5 plus 6

  6. E PLUS 6 LETTERS: to take or get out

  7. E PLUS 7 LETTERS: the opposite of internal

  8. E PLUS 8 LETTERS: to listen secretly to private conversation

  9. E PLUS 9 LETTERS: sudden violent movement of the earth's surface

  10. E PLUS 10 LETTERS: going on forever

  11. E PLUS 10 LETTERS: someone whose job is to work with electricity

  12. E PLUS 9 LETTERS: simple, easy or basic

  13. E PLUS 8 LETTERS: to remove or take away

  14. E PLUS 7 LETTERS: to withdraw from

  15. E PLUS 6 LETTERS: to be promised in marriage

  16. E PLUS 5 LETTERS: to send goods to another country for trade

  17. E PLUS 4 LETTERS: additional

  18. E PLUS 3 LETTERS: to wish you had something that someone else has

  19. E PLUS 2 LETTERS: your idea or opinion of yourself

  20. E PLUS 1 LETTER: the abbreviation meaning for example

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