Adding Letters-F

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  1. F PLUS 1 LETTER: fast forward marking on a remote control

  2. F PLUS 2 LETTERS: shortened form of facsimile

  3. F PLUS 3 LETTERS: a hissing, bubbling sound

  4. F PLUS 4 LETTERS: not right or true

  5. F PLUS 5 LETTERS: soft not firm

  6. F PLUS 6 LETTERS: all the leaves of a plant or tree

  7. F PLUS 7 LETTERS: an artificial ornamental spring of water

  8. F PLUS 8 LETTERS: incapable of failure

  9. F PLUS 9 LETTERS: to be afraid

  10. F PLUS 10 LETTERS: to make well known or get to know well

  11. F PLUS 10 LETTERS: to overwhelm with amazement

  12. F PLUS 9 LETTERS: the strong base on which a building stands

  13. F PLUS 8 LETTERS: the thing most preferred

  14. F PLUS 8 LETTERS: the thing most preferred

  15. F PLUS 7 LETTERS: joyous, public celebration

  16. F PLUS 6 LETTERS: give up and desert

  17. F PLUS 5 LETTERS: careful or economical

  18. F PLUS 4 LETTERS: short story not based on fact

  19. F PLUS 3 LETTERS: fluff or frizzy hair

  20. F PLUS 2 LETTERS: wild animal of the dog family

  21. F PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for foot or feet

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