Slang Words Beginning with F

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  1. This jazz is really great.
    a. faded
    b. far-out
    c. foggy

  2. The heroin addict needed a dose of drugs really badly.
    a. five
    b. fix
    c. flag

  3. He's too unreliable to keep that job.
    a. flaky
    b. forty
    c. flexed

  4. He lost control of himself suddenly when he heard the news.
    a. filled up
    b. flopped
    c. flipped-out

  5. You should listen to the other side of the argument before you decide.
    a. flip
    b. fox
    c. five

  6. I can't believe he called the police about the noise. He's such an old-fashioned person.
    a. a fossil
    b. a fish
    c. a foam

  7. Wow! She's really sexy
    a. farming
    b. fighting
    c. foxy

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