Adding Letters-G

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  1. G PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for an enlisted soldier in the USA

  2. G PLUS 2 LETTERS: a precious stone or jewel

  3. G PLUS 3 LETTERS: a spiritual leader

  4. G PLUS 4 LETTERS: a strong desire for more than is needed

  5. G PLUS 5 LETTERS: dirty or unwashed

  6. G PLUS 6 LETTERS: a female god

  7. G PLUS 7 LETTERS: someone who gives their time or money easily

  8. G PLUS 8 LETTERS: an other word meaning usually

  9. G PLUS 9 LETTERS: medical care of old people

  10. G PLUS 9 LETTERS: the science of the diseases of women

  11. G PLUS 10 LETTERS: using the hands to accompany speaking

  12. G PLUS 19 LETTERS: the elected people who are ruling the country

  13. G PLUS 8 LETTERS: when a seed starts to grow

  14. G PLUS 7 LETTERS: magnificent of richly coloured

  15. G PLUS 6 LETTERS: give out weak or unsteady light

  16. G PLUS 5 LETTERS: idle of loose talk

  17. G PLUS 4 LETTERS: a bright smooth surface

  18. G PLUS 3 LETTERS: to bite steadily at

  19. G PLUS 2 LETTERS: semi solid like jelly

  20. G PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for great

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