Slang Words Beginning with G

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  1. I really became interested in computers at school.
    a. got into
    b. gave out to
    c. got off on

  2. I'm sorry, but I just don't understand.
    a. get with it
    b. go for it
    c. get it

  3. Hurry up and get busy. There is a lot of work to do.
    a. Get with it
    b. Go for it
    c. Go get it

  4. Did you see the rock group's performance last night?
    a. girdle
    b. gig
    c. giggle

  5. She's so fashionable and glamourous. I can't understand why she's with him.
    a. grass
    b. glitzy
    c. gifted

  6. Let me have a try.
    a. gift
    b. go
    c. geezer

  7. Stop acting so silly.
    a. gravy
    b. goofy
    c. great

  8. I've caught you and you can't get away.
    a. Golfer
    b. Goosey
    c. Gotcha

  9. That car must have cost over twenty thousand dollars.
    a. grand
    b. grapes
    c. guns

  10. Do you have any marijuana?
    a. grass
    b. gravy
    c. grease

  11. That's a really disgusting thing to say.
    a. groovy
    b. ground
    c. gross

  12. I always look so untidy and unclean after a long airline trip.
    a. green
    b. grubby
    c. geared up

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