Homonyms Quiz 1

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  1. The ___ looked dashing in his armour.
    a. night
    b. knight

  2. I have blond hair and ___ eyes.
    a. blew
    b. blue

  3. I don't even have one ___ with me.
    a. cent
    b. sent

  4. He said he ___ where the place was.
    a. knew
    b. new

  5. An island is a piece of land surrounded by the ___.
    a. see
    b. sea

  6. ___ you like coffee or tea?
    a. Would
    b. Wood

  7. I ___ my bike yesterday, so my legs are sore.
    a. rode
    b. road

  8. Are you ___ or left-handed
    a. right
    b. write

  9. My boat has two ___.
    a. sales
    b. sails

  10. I would like ___ tea, please.
    a. week
    b. weak

  11. Do you ___ which is right?
    a. know
    b. no

  12. Where did the dog ___ the bone?
    a. bury
    b. berry

  13. I need some more ___ for the cake.
    a. flower
    b. flour

  14. He always makes so much noise when he ___.
    a. chews
    b. choose

  15. He has something in his ___.
    a. eye
    b. I

  16. I ___ too much for dinner.
    a. eight
    b. ate

  17. The American flag is ___, white and blue.
    a. red
    b. read

  18. He ate the ___ cake.
    a. whole
    b. hole

  19. I don't have to ___ there until evening.
    a. bee
    b. be

  20. Is there any ___ in the soup?
    a. meat
    b. meet

Copyright (C) 1997 by Letitia Bradley
This quiz is part of the HTML-Only Self-Study Quizzes which is part of Activities for ESL Students, a project by The Internet TESL Journal.