Homonyms Quiz 2

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  1. We both walked ___foot in the sand.
    a. bear
    b. bare

  2. It's rude to ___.
    a. stare
    b. stair

  3. Do you want another bread ___?
    a. role
    b. roll

  4. He has had ___ wives, you know.
    a. two
    b. to
    c. too

  5. The ___ is very bright today, isn't it.
    a. son
    b. sun

  6. The dance hall isn't ___ anymore.
    a. their
    b. there

  7. In olden days most women could ___ beautifully.
    a. so
    b. sew

  8. The rent is ___ soon.
    a. dew
    b. due

  9. There were ten perfect ___ of flowers in the garden.
    a. rose
    b. rows

  10. Let's have a ___ for coffee.
    a. brake
    b. break

  11. The wind ___ so hard that the trees fell over.
    a. blue
    b. blew

  12. What's wrong? You look so ___.
    a. blue
    b. blew

  13. He got so angry that he ___ his top.
    a. blue
    b. blew

  14. We were going to ___ at 7:00, but he didn't come.
    a. meet
    b. meat

  15. A traditional Sunday lunch for many people is ___ and two vegetables.
    a. meat
    b. meet

  16. There was a bargain ___ at the department store, so I went shopping.
    a. sale
    b. sail

  17. The Titantic set ___ from Southhampton on her maiden voyage.
    a. sale
    b. sail

  18. Don't touch that, you might ___ it.
    a. break
    b. brake

  19. If there are three pedals on the floor of a car, the middle one is the ___.
    a. brake
    b. break

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