Some British Festivals and Holidays

What is the holiday?
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  1. It's celebrated on January 1st.

  2. It's celebrated on the Tuesday 40 days before Easter.

  3. This festival is the first day of Lent, 40 days before Easter.

  4. It's celebrated on February 14th.

  5. This solemn day is the Friday before Easter.

  6. It's celebrated on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after March 21st.

  7. This festival is held on April 1st.

  8. This is a bank holiday held onMay 1st.

  9. This holiday used to be held 50 days after Easter but now it is held the last weekend of May.

  10. This celebration is held the second Saturday in June.

  11. It's celebrated on October 31st.

  12. It's celebrated on November 5th.

  13. This anniversary is held on November11th or the next Sunday

  14. It's celebrated on December 25th.

  15. This holiday is held on December 26th.

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