Adding Letters-H

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  1. H PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation used for high voltage

  2. H PLUS 2 LETTERS: abbreviation for highway

  3. H PLUS 3 LETTERS: a circle of light around the sun or moon

  4. H PLUS 4 LETTERS: usual behavior

  5. H PLUS 5 LETTERS: a place to store airplanes

  6. H PLUS 6 LETTERS: a hospital for dying people

  7. H PLUS 7 LETTERS: mankind or the human race

  8. H PLUS 8 LETTERS: fit to be lived in

  9. H PLUS 9 LETTERS: the escape of blood

  10. H PLUS 10 LETTERS: growing plants in water without soil

  11. H PLUS 10 LETTERS: someone whose job is to style and cut hair

  12. H PLUS 9 LETTERS: biology passed on from parent to child

  13. H PLUS 8 LETTERS: a boat fitted out as somewhere to live

  14. H PLUS 7 LETTERS: to show signs of uncertainty

  15. H PLUS 6 LETTERS: on a street where a hose can be connected to the water mains

  16. H PLUS 5 LETTERS: the floor of a fireplace

  17. H PLUS 4 LETTERS: made by bees

  18. H PLUS 3 LETTERS: misty

  19. H PLUS 2 LETTERS: flat metal cooking surface on a fireplace

  20. H PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for hectare a measurement of land

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