Slang Words Beginning with H

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  1. When Todd drives it really is both a dangerous and frightening experience.
    a. hairy
    b. harmless
    c. hanging

  2. She has a serious obsession about men.
    a. harsh
    b. heavy
    c. hang-up

  3. This matter is too important and serious for me.
    a. happy
    b. heavy
    c. hip

  4. Alice is in the past now. I don't go out with her anymore.
    a. history
    b. hip-hop
    c. hash

  5. That play was a great success.
    a. hot
    b. hoot
    c. hit

  6. Who's the boss there these days?
    a. hip
    b. honcho
    c. hole

  7. I'll get in a taxi and come right away.
    a. hip
    b. hid
    c. hop

  8. Many movies are successful only because of the heavy promotion and advertising.
    a. hoe
    b. hype
    c. horn

  9. The children are a little overexcited.
    a. hot
    b. hanging
    c. hyper

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