Adding Letters-I

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  1. I PLUS 1 LETTER: a measure of intelligence

  2. I PLUS 2 LETTERS: a liquid in a pen

  3. I PLUS 3 LETTERS: something that is greatly loved or worshiped

  4. I PLUS 4 LETTERS: a mental picture or a concept

  5. I PLUS 5 LETTERS: to put in

  6. I PLUS 6 LETTERS: asking about something

  7. I PLUS 7 LETTERS: lower, in social rank, quality or importance

  8. I PLUS 8 LETTERS: easily annoyed

  9. I PLUS 9 LETTERS: something that is sure to happen

  10. I PLUS 10 LETTERS: something that can not be endured

  11. I PLUS 10 LETTERS: stomach pain caused by eating certain foods

  12. I PLUS 9 LETTERS: give light to

  13. I PLUS 8 LETTERS: knowing little or nothing

  14. I PLUS 7 LETTERS: become greater in size

  15. I PLUS 6 LETTERS: unlawful or forbidden

  16. I PLUS 5 LETTERS: a deep blue dye

  17. I PLUS 4 LETTERS: silly or senseless

  18. I PLUS 3 LETTERS: not active or in use

  19. I PLUS 2 LETTERS: frozen water

  20. I PLUS 1 LETTER: supposing that

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