Adding Letters-J

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  1. J PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for Justice of the Peace

  2. J PLUS 2 LETTERS: the lower movable bone in the face

  3. J PLUS 3 LETTERS: a short sudden movement

  4. J PLUS 4 LETTERS: a place to moor boats to

  5. J PLUS 5 LETTERS: a piece of clothing worn as the outer layer

  6. J PLUS 6 LETTERS: a person who throws and catches things in the air

  7. J PLUS 7 LETTERS: the thing a pilot uses to control the plane

  8. J PLUS 8 LETTERS: describing that there was a good reason

  9. J PLUS 9 LETTERS: a newspaper writer

  10. J PLUS 9 LETTERS: extreme belief that your own country is best

  11. J PLUS 8 LETTERS: an escape from prison

  12. J PLUS 7 LETTERS: not yet an adult

  13. J PLUS 6 LETTERS: a caretaker for a building

  14. J PLUS 5 LETTERS: a tropical forest

  15. J PLUS 4 LETTERS: the place where two things join together

  16. J PLUS 3 LETTERS: another word for rubbish or of low quality

  17. J PLUS 2 LETTERS: a type of aeroplane

  18. J PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for Junior

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