Adding Letters-K

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  1. K PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for 1000 grams

  2. K PLUS 2 LETTERS: a baby goat or slang for a child

  3. K PLUS 3 LETTERS: a kind of seaweed

  4. K PLUS 4 LETTERS: the sacred book of Islam

  5. K PLUS 5 LETTERS: covered metal container for boiling water

  6. K PLUS 6 LETTERS: a Pulitzer prize winning president of the USA

  7. K PLUS 7 LETTERS: another word for paraffin

  8. K PLUS 8 LETTERS: the range of information understood

  9. K PLUS 9 LETTERS: someone whose job it is to put information into a computer

  10. K PLUS 10 LETTERS: a tiny room used to cook in

  11. K PLUS 10 LETTERS: the obsessive wish to steal

  12. K PLUS 9 LETTERS: a rank of honour in the United Kingdom

  13. K PLUS 8 LETTERS: someone who steals a child for money

  14. K PLUS 7 LETTERS: a South African dessert

  15. K PLUS 6 LETTERS: they sat with King Arthur at the round table

  16. K PLUS 5 LETTERS: a baby cat

  17. K PLUS 4 LETTERS: a hand held instrument used for cutting

  18. K PLUS 3 LETTERS: a garment worn by some Scottish men

  19. K PLUS 2 LETTERS: a small barrel

  20. K PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for a unit of electrical power

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