Adding Letters-L

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  1. L PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for Los Angeles

  2. L PLUS 2 LETTERS: a sign of the zodiac

  3. L PLUS 3 LETTERS: raise to a higher position

  4. L PLUS 4 LETTERS: a cloth made from flax

  5. L PLUS 5 LETTERS: a salt water lake

  6. L PLUS 6 LETTERS: giving freely or generously

  7. L PLUS 7 LETTERS: women's undergarments

  8. L PLUS 8 LETTERS: a person in charge of a collection of books

  9. L PLUS 9 LETTERS: a place where experiments are done

  10. L PLUS 10 LETTERS: a boxer weighing between 72.5 and 79.2 Kgs

  11. L PLUS 10 LETTERS: the person who holds a lease

  12. L PLUS 9 LETTERS: means of living

  13. L PLUS 8 LETTERS: distance east or west from Greenwich

  14. L PLUS 7 LETTERS: floor covering

  15. L PLUS 6 LETTERS: a one piece item of exercise wear

  16. L PLUS 5 LETTERS: something not essential but gives enjoyment

  17. L PLUS 4 LETTERS: of or for the moon

  18. L PLUS 3 LETTERS: a group of names or numbers written together

  19. L PLUS 2 LETTERS: The abbreviation for a limited company.

  20. L PLUS 1 LETTER: The abbreviation for a pound in weight.

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